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Best Debate Topics for High School and Middle School Students

Choosing the right topic for a debate competition is one of the most challenging tasks for high school and middle school students. It is the professor’s responsibility to teach an essay writer about the different requirements of debate writing and speaking.  If you are not sure that the chosen idea will be good enough to impress. The professional writers at our essay writing service will help you pick a standard topic. Here are some more themes for you to choose from. 

Here, the first and foremost step of this journey is selecting an interesting and unique topic. Thus, you always need to keep in mind the interest of your audience while selecting an idea. Similarly, avoid choosing controversial topics that can hurt their sentiments. Rather choose the one that can grab the listener’s attention. You can select various ideas by consulting scientific magazines, books, documentaries, newspapers, and journals. Similarly, you can also hire write my essay to get done with this task. 

Most students find it a daunting task to choose a debate topic. It often makes it hard for an essay writer to choose an interesting topic idea. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of topics that will make it easier for you to choose one. The writers will surely help you pick an outstanding topic and teach about the debate writing process. 

  • Why can’t people quit smoking and drinking?
  • What are the consequences of smoking?
  • What is the difference between a leader and a boss?
  • What are the qualities of a leader?
  • What does it take one to become a leader?
  • Discuss the ways to develop self-control?
  • What is the importance of leadership in an organization?
  • What is the condition of women in prison?
  • Discuss the reforms of the criminal justice system.
  • What is the psychological impact of imprisonment?
  • What are the ethical limits of attorneys?
  • What are the most common financial crimes?
  • How can we take care of a friend living with a chronic illness?
  • Reflect on the moment when you confronted your neighbor.
  • What is the role of society to address the problem of drug addiction?
  • How can setting punishment effectively address the issue of illegal immigration?
  • Can patriotism rank as good practice in many states?
  • Why should community service be established as a mandatory practice for high school students?
  • Why should smoking be allowed at school and college campuses?
  • Why is the increasing trend of fast-food chains is the major source of the growing obesity rate?
  • Why should sex education be characterized as a mandatory practice for middle and high school students?
  • Is advertisement a source of discontent in a society?
  • Is it appropriate for police to use force?
  • Why is it appropriate to set gender roles in society?
  • Should the practice of monarchy be completely eradicated worldwide?
  • Why should every citizen have a right to keep weapons for their safety?
  • Should schools need to enhance their role in dealing with the issue of bullying?
  • Why should the selling of human organs need to be legalized?
  • Is a society at massive risk due to the presence of cell phone radiation?
  • Why should the practice of vaping be completely banned in third world countries?
  • Why is the drug test mandatory for high and middle school athletes?
  • Why should the practice of detention completely prohibit?
  • Is there a need for relaxation in adoption rules?
  • Why does society need to enhance its role to address the concern of gun control?
  • Why is the strict censorship of social media mandatory to deal with the problem of fake news?
  • Why should political leaders need to enhance their involvement to address the concern of climate change?
  • How is the depletion of the Ozone layer causing climate change?
  • Why is Feminism considered a source of harm and threat in a society?

Do you need more topics for your writing a successful debate? Wait for more. Just contact an online service and request them to write essay for me or debate at affordable rates. 

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