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He laughed and fell on the sofa: "Wei Jingya, people say that pregnant women are prone to brain hypoxia, you are one of the typical." "Oh, then you must have never heard that pregnant women are emotional. Don't mess with them." I smirked and pinched his arm. All right, all right, I was wrong, Nvxia, spare my life! My phone is coming. He grinned in pain. I clapped my hands with satisfaction and let him answer the phone. Hello What He stopped smiling and sat up. "I'll be right there." "What's the matter?" At this point, Gong Yan came in and asked. There are a few people who don't know whether they are alive or dead to smash the scene. I'll go and have a look. He stood up. We're together. Gong Yan put down the plate. No, just a few boys. Do you need to do it? Lin Ye stops him: "You stay here to help them pack up." "Well, be careful." Gong Yan patted Lin Ye on the shoulder. The two of them grew up playing together, just like brothers. They went through life and death together several times. Sometimes it's really touching to see their deep feelings. Brother, it's you who should be careful. Lin Ye sighed, raised his sleeve, showing the bruises on his hands: "Our pregnant woman is now hormonal imbalance, emotional, do not provoke her.". See,tile trim manufacturers, this is what happens. Take care. I took a deep breath angrily, this Lin Ye, see how I deal with him next time. After dinner, Gong Yan helped to pack up his things and looked at the cold attitude of midsummer, so he had to leave. In fact, they are very good people, although they are on the road,tile profile factory, but they have never done anything harmful, but also saved us, why can't you leave prejudice behind? After waiting for palace inflammation to go, I raise a question to midsummer. Summer is a straightforward person, like or hate all hang on the face. She lowered her head and kept silent all the time. After a long time, she said softly, "Different ways do not work together." Dropping this sentence, Midsummer picked up the bowls and chopsticks and turned into the kitchen. I sighed feebly, unable to force her to like them. After all, she has her freedom and she has her reasons. Suddenly, I found the car key of Gong Yan on the ground. It must have fallen on the floor when I was moving things just now. Pick it up and send it to him. As soon as I reached the corner, I saw the returning cervicitis. His injured right foot is still a little stiff, aluminium edge trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, but it does not damage his height and dignity at all, and the whole person exudes soft confidence. Come back for this? I held up the key in my hand and waved it to him. Thank you He took the key. You're too careless. You won't know until the car is stolen. "Thank you for sending it out." He smiled apologetically. It doesn't matter I shrugged indifferently. "Eat too much. Take a walk." For the next few moments, silence filled the air. We looked at each other in silence. When I recall my imagination this morning, I suddenly feel a little embarrassed. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and touched my hair comfortingly. "Jingya, be happy. Everything will be all right." Looking at his sincerity, I finally believe that sometimes, gentleness can really stab the softest part of people's hearts. These two days, no matter how painful it is, I try my best to hold back, but now, a word from Gong Yan makes my nose sour. Thank you I lowered my head and hid my reddish eyes in the shadows. I'll go first. Go back to rest quickly. He exhorted and turned to dive into the night. Absence to look at the back of Gong Yan, a loss in the heart, really as he said, everything will be all right? "Are you having a good time?" A cold tone sounded behind him. Suddenly turned around and saw Ran Ao standing behind him! chapter3 His lips were tight and his face was frosty. What are you doing here? I immediately pull down the face, to compare who is cold, right, you under the frost, I hail! Let's see who's good. Am I interrupting some catching up? I'm so sorry. His face became more and more gloomy and his tone was strange. I don't understand your insinuations. Excuse me. I turned and walked back. Perhaps Ran Ao misunderstood the action of Gong Yan comforting me just now, but now I am not in the mood, and there is no need to explain to him. But Ran Ao held my hand tightly. I looked up at him to see what he was going to do to me. Ran Ao looked at me and gradually calmed down. He hung his head and apologized in a low voice: "I'm sorry.". ” His face was very bad, and there was a blue beard on his chin, which showed that he had not slept at all last night. I suddenly had a little heartache. Jingya, shall we go back? He took my hand to his mouth and kept kissing it like a child who has done something wrong. I looked at his pleading eyes, shook my head and said feebly, "Ran Ao, I am four years older than you. I suddenly have a sense of inferiority. When I think of this, my stomach seems to be blocked. It's very uncomfortable.". Ture More importantly, Ran Ao is no longer Ran Ao. He shrinks to six years old like time goes back. He suddenly becomes a stranger. I really can't believe that an 18-year-old can play the role of father and husband. A strong sense of insecurity arose in my heart and spread to my heart. Did I make you feel this way before? He held my hand tightly and refused to let go. That's different! I closed my eyes and shook my head desperately. That's different. I used to be able to act like a spoiled child in his arms when he was working, because I didn't think he was only 18 years old. It's different. It's really different. Ran Ao picked up my face and asked anxiously, "Jingya, look at me carefully!"! I'm still me. I haven't changed. I've gone through everything a 24-year-old man should go through: reading, going to school, working, falling in love. I'm the same as them. Jingya, don't deny everything about me because of my age! Unable to think, I twisted my brain into a ball. I shook my head unconsciously and pushed him away, shouting, "Ran Ao,tile trim factory, it's really different!"! We can't go back! He looked at me with a look of pain in his eyes. "It's different, it's different, because the man you really love has appeared!"! He's back! 。 jecatrims.com