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Which Is The Best Laser Level Should I Choose?

There are many laser levels with different advantages, so it’s so difficult for someone who wants to buy quickly. Take a look through this list to find the self leveling cross line laser level with your work!

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Topcon RL-H4C

Some devices provide a long-using time without charging

As indicated by the IP66 rating of this model - this is the best device in this test - the Topcon RL-H4C sets high standards for its competitors. For more performance information, see Advantages.

Even for the premium laser, the Topcon RL-H4C still offers too many useful functions. Take the self-balancing motor, for example. The device is easy to set up in that it only takes 15 seconds to place it close to the horizontal.

The accuracy and range of this device are also very impressive. Because its efficiency is 1/16 '' per 100 feet, and its receiver gives the mammoth's dynamic range of 2,600 feet. It has a self-balancing range (± 5 °) with an automatic shutdown.

Take a look at the receiver, and one thing that you will find unique is that it has two LCD screens. While one of these LCD screens is on the front, the other is on the back of the model. In the meantime, the transmitter shows its usefulness for outdoor applications with the protection class IP66.

Also, an automatic altitude warning is provided on the receiver. As the name suggests, this feature informs you when the receiver and transmitter are not at the same height. Then there is a slope adjustment feature that extends the device's custom degrees over long distances.

While we would like this device to support rechargeable batteries, we ultimately have to do so because even the disposable battery can provide over 100 hours of run time with top rated laser levels.

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  • Setup is quick thanks to the self-leveling function
  • Turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Dual LCD; one in the back and one in front
  • Slope Match function


  • Expensive astronomy
  • Heavy

Bosch GRL400HCK

Depending on your works, you can choose a different type of laser level

Unlike most of the other tiers in this review - inherently independent - the GRL400HCK comes with an accessory kit. This means that while you pay more upfront, you also get more items in return.

The Bosch GRL400HCK fascinates users with three speeds - 350, 600, and 1200 rpm - in a package. Thanks to this feature, this device becomes not only versatile but also significantly improves its accuracy. It comes with self-leveling, up to 5 °.

The leveling system has a patented double laser system for horizontal and vertical leveling. For better accuracy, you can use both vertical and horizontal beams at the same time. Plus, you can control everything with remote control with a range of around 500 feet.

Two Advantages of this model make it particularly robust; a durable rotating cage and lots of thin struts. Thanks to the front, the top of the gyroscope is protected even if it is dropped. The latter helps maintain the strength of the device by eliminating blind spots in its design.

Since the battery on this device has a life of 40 hours, it should be used for at least two days before charging. Next up is standby mode, which allows you to pause the laser while switching it from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

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  • Built with IP56.
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Comes with a wall bracket and a carrying case


  • No self-leveling in portrait format

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